How can I change the PIN on my payment card?

How can I change the PIN on my payment card?
How can I change the PIN on my payment card?

The procedure for changing your PIN can vary depending on the type of account and the bank. However, in general, there are some common methods to easily change your PIN.


Most banks allow customers to change their PIN at an ATM. To do this, you need to insert your card into the ATM and select the "Change PIN" option. You will then need to enter and confirm your existing PIN. You will then be asked to enter and confirm your new PIN.

Via Online Banking

If you have access to internet banking, you can change your PIN via your account. Instructions on how to change your PIN can be found under "Settings" or "Security". You can also change your PIN in Mobile Banking in the same way.

Telephone banking

Some banks offer a telephone banking service that allows customers to conduct banking transactions over the phone. To change your PIN, simply call the bank's customer service line and ask to change your PIN.

Through a bank branch: If you have any doubts or need help changing your PIN, you can visit the branch of the bank that issued your card and ask for assistance.

How to protect your new PIN

Once you have successfully changed your PIN, you can protect it in several ways:

  1. Don't give it to anyone: You should never give your PIN to anyone, including family members, friends or bank employees.
  2. Don't walk around with your card and PIN in the same place: It is important that you keep your card and PIN separate to avoid misuse.
  3. Don't use an easy-to-guess number as your PIN: Don't use simple numbers like 123456 or your date of birth as your PIN. You should choose a complex and random PIN.
  4. Do not write your PIN on your card: You should never write your PIN on a card or other document that can be easily stolen.
  5. Monitor your transactions: Keep a close eye on your banking transactions so that you can respond immediately to any unauthorised use of your account, if necessary.
  6. Use secure ATMs: Withdraw money only from secure ATMs located in highly visible and well-lit areas.
  7. Protect your device: Protect your device, such as your phone or computer, with passwords and software updates to prevent unauthorised access to your data.

These precautions can help protect your PIN and prevent misuse of your account.

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