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Ammado reveals another fraud with loans. Look at www.sylvain-bergeret.com - LECAER FINANCES, which attacks consumers by search engine advertising.

The Ammado Warning System has captured another new attack on Czech consumers. This time is a fraudulent website www.sylvain-bergeret.com, which is massively promoted through search engine advertising. Clients are attracted to advantageous interest from a foreign investor.

LECAER FINANCES - This is a scam

A Web site that offers loans is an exact copy of the fraudulent website that spreads through the internet. An organized group of foreign fraudsters has not missed the Czech Republic this time, and it also finances its advertising campaign with us. This fraud has been captured thanks to a special system for capturing suspicious financial sites that we have developed to protect Czech and Slovak consumers.

Web sites that do not lend you

When you click on a fraudulent web ad, the page automatically translates into Czech. These fraudsters have been set up directly in the advertising service when they place a special command string behind the site address to ensure translation. Officially, however, the fraudulent website in Czech ad appears under www.sylvain-bergeret.com/cs. Under this name, however, the page does not exist, so it's just about masking access to control.

Domain owner

After reviewing the data from whois.com, we learned what all cheaters did. The web is registered anonymously. This is the classic procedure that fraudsters prefer.

Do not write any forms

Consumers should not, in any case, list the form given on the fraudulent website. Fraudsters can, in addition to asking for a loan deposit, to disclose personal information, and so they can get into the hands of, for example, hackers who can steal your identity.

What if I already filled out

If you have sent your personal admissions to a cheater, do not respond to their prompts that will be emailed to you. Just in these calls, you will be asked for photocopies of the papers, and if you have already sent such photocopies to the cheater, report these papers to the police to be blocked. Certainly do not send any fraudsters for credit insurance and the like. You will never get a loan.

I was cheated

If you've noticed this article as a trick, do not resign. Resignation is what the foreign (but also the Czech) scammers rely on. Give the fraudsters a criminal notification immediately. Keep in mind that any payment is redeemable, and this also applies to Western Union payments used by fraudsters. If you do not know how to file a criminal complaint, please contact the police or write to us at the editorial office through the SUBSTITUTION section.